About Us

Pawn Emporium was formed in July of 2003 by Sam & Leslie Taylor. Sam previously had 10 years experience pawnbroking in Virginia & Washington State. The Taylor's pride themselves in being locally owned and operated. We like to treat people like we want to be treated so we make a conscious effort to be nice to everyone, whether we do business with them or not.

Diamond Rings

We have full jewelry repair services available and many rings can be sized while you wait. Much of our jewelry in stock is "previously owned" but you'd never know by looking at it. We generally restore it to its original pristine or brand new condition before putting it out for sale, prices tend to be 50% to 70% below retail. Did you know most jewelry stores carry previously owned merchandise? They just don't tell you or they don't know. Any jewelry store that takes "trade ins or "trade ups" more than likely carry used inventory, just with a "new inventory price."

Pawn Emporium is also a Federal Firearms License holder and deals in most firearms and will transfer firearms to and from other FFL dealers. We also order new firearms at cost + 10% + shipping.

Electronics are another fast moving item at Pawn Emporium. Generally, we carry electronics that are no more than five years old. We try to offer them at 50% off retail but sometimes it varies depending on the item (brandname, age etc.).

Musical instruments are a wonderful thing to buy at Pawn Emporium. Whether it's a guitar (electric or acoustic), saxaphone, flute, clarinet, drum set, trumpet or even funky stuff like a jimbe' or a tuba, check with us first before you spend much more buying retail. Example: we sold a Yamaha YAS-23 Saxaphone to a beginning sax player for $325. This instrument retails for $1000-$1200. The customer was very happy because not only did he save money right off the top, he will not have to upgrade if he stays with it and advances to the intermediate level! This is a common occurence in our shop which is why once somebody starts buying their instruments from us, they're customers for life....

We also have a large selection of name brand power tools. Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Paslode, Bostitch, Porter Cable, Hitachi, Craftsman, Hilti, Snap On, Mac, Matco & many others. We test each item when it comes in and turn away any tool that doesn't test out 100%. That goes for all items including electronics, instruments, etc.

Whether you're in the market for a ring for your sweetie, a nice power tool for dad, or your child's game system, Pawn Emporium will provide good service and a great value that will make you want to come back for many of your needs.