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Getting a Loan from the Pawn Emporium is EASY!
We loan money on almost anything of value and the entire process of getting you the cash that you need takes as few as five minutes. Simply bring your collateral and your picture ID into our store and you've got cash!
How does a pawn shop work?
Here in Virginia, the legal requirements are that you must be 18 years old and have one of the following forms of ID: Virginia or non-Virginia drivers license, state-issued ID card, passport, or military ID. Additional requirements for the pawning and/or purchasing of firearms.
Rolex Watch We secure our loans by holding your collateral for the period of the loan, typically 30 days — longer if you maintain interest payments. Upon repayment of the principle and interest on the loan, we return your collateral to you. Should you fail to repay the loan, you forfeit your collateral and it's sold.
Ever gone to a bank or credit union to get a $100 loan or been turned down for a larger loan? We lend as little as $5 based solely on your ID and the condition of your collateral. All loans are confidentially, quickly, and professionally accomplished.
Due to the nature of our business, please don't ask us to tell you how much we'll lend you over the phone or by fax, we can't do that. You can, of course, call us to see if we'd make loans on a particular type of item. We may decline to accept certain items as collateral for a loan.
If you're interested, we may purchase your valuables.
What kinds of things we may (or may not) lend money on:


Musical Instruments

Jewelry / Watches

CD Players / CDs
Computers (Newer)
Effects Pedals
Diamonds - all sizes
DVD Players / Movies
Electric Guitars
Gold in any form
Game Consoles
Electronic Keyboards
Pocket watches
Game Cartridges/Disks
Wrist Watches
Televisions (Newer)
Orchestra Instruments
P.A. Systems

Sporting Goods


Reed Instruments
Bicycles (Brand Name)
Fishing gear
Film (some 35mm)
Golf Clubs
Jet Ski


Knives and Swords (Some)


Hand Tools
Power Tools
Golf Carts
Air Tools
Four Wheelers
Industrial Tools
If your item is in the electronics category or has moving parts, be prepared to demonstrate to our consultant... That it works. If it does not work or is in need of repair, we will in most cases exercise our option not make an offer.
If you do not own the item you are pawning or selling we don't want it under any circumstances. No exceptions.
Examples of items we might not buy or accept as collateral
If it's dented, scratched, wrecked or otherwise unusable or cosmetically undesirable we will in most cases exercise our option not make an offer. Extremely dirty or grease laden items are generally undesirable. Note: This subsection may not apply to jewelry and precious metals articles.
Notices regarding Electronics, Motorized Vehicles...
  • Electronics such as televisions, etc. must be less than three years old.
  • Computers must be at least, Intel - Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon or higher. Highest offers are given for computers with operating system software and other CD's shipped with the original systems. Bring all cables, keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor and other components.
  • Vehicles must be presented with a clear title in your name. When you pawn a vehicle, we are required by law to hold the title and store the vehicle on our property until you redeem. No exceptions.
  • We reserve the right to decline to make an offer on any item.
We may have interest in items not listed.
If you do not see your item in the lists or have questions, please call: 540.434.7296 or email:
Click here to email a loan consultant about pawning or buying.